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Shipping quotes are always based on two factors:
1)  The weight of the shipment, and
2)  The destination of the shipment (from our warehouse to your location).


With a few quick clicks, find out theEXACT shipping costs
to your locationanywhere in the world.
  • In our online store ,findthe item(s) you want.
  • Select QUANTITYand choosePERSONALIZATIONoption (if listed).
  • ClicktheBUYbutton.
  • The page will automatically refresh itself to display "e;YOUR SHOPPING CART"e; contents. 
  • REPEATthe first 3 steps until you have all the items you want in your cart.
  • Located under all the items you've selected is aZIP CODE BOX. 
    If shipping to a USA address:
    Type in yourzip/postalcodein the box.
    If shipping to a Canada address:Type in yourzip/postalcodein the box.
    If shipping to an International address:Type in yourcountry namein the box. (Example: Great Britain)
     Note:  The entire name may not fit in the box but the caculation tool will still configure exact shipping costs for you.
  • Click theCALCULATE SHIPPINGbutton.
  • The web page will refreshagain.
  • Scroll down the page to reveal EXACT Shipping CostsandShipping Options. 

    (Exception:  This built-in Shipping Calculator willnotrender the exact shipping costs for countries who have 5 digit numeric postal codes because those are reserved for USA addresses.  Instead, follow the above instructions 1-3 then click CHECKOUT and type in all your shipping information. Exact shipping quotes are rendered on the second page.)

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