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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do you have only ONE Nail Trainer nail training kit on offer?
    Because with over 22 years in the nail industry, we KNOW what you need and what you don't need.  Our Nail Trainer nail training kit contains everything you NEED at a super low, affordable price.  After all... YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!  It's that simple. 

    Does acrylic powder and liquid, gel, silk, fiber, brushes, nail forms, sanitizers, or any other nail extensions tools or products come with any of the Nail Trainer kits?
  • No, NONE of them contain the kinds of products you are referring to.
    There are several definitive reasons why other products are not included:

    1) We specialize in nails TRAINING only... not nail extension supplies and products.  (We do what we do best and we will let other companies do what they do best.)
    2) If we included specific brands of nail extension products, you would not be able to choose YOUR preferred brand.
    3) You can easily obtain nail extension supplies in your local area, thus eliminating us as the "middleman".  Alternatively, you can find them on the internet, from suppliers in your country. 
    4) The cost of the kit would increase substantially (not to mention the shipping costs would also increase due to the added weight of the kit purchased). 

  • Do the fingers and arm articulate (move and rotate) like a human hand?

    YES! The fingers and arm easily manipulate, pivot, and rotate like a human hand's fingers.

  • Do the fingers feel like human fingers?

    YES! The silicone fingertips are made of durable soft rubber making them pliable, not rigid.

  • Can I move the arm anywhere around on my table top easily?

    YES! The unique design of the flexible 20-inch arm and adjustable table clamp allows you to position it anywhere on your table. And the wrist of the Nail Trainer hand rotates, too! This feature makes it easy to practice your skills on the thumb nail. The built-in 2-inch deep clamp attaches easily and adjusts to fit table tops.  The gripper teeth insure secure attachment.

  • Do the Nail Trainer nails adjust for varied nail bed depths into the fingers?

    YES! The nail channel design allows 4 varied depths to which you can position the nail into the finger. 1=high position; 2- 3=typical position, 4= deeply embedded position. The Nail Trainer's nails are easily removed and replaced in about 3-5 seconds each. The simple procedure is demonstrated on the DVD included in all kits.

  • Can the Nail Trainer nails adjust for varied amounts of free edge?

    YES! The Nail Trainer's nails can be easily positioned forward (for a longer free edge) or backward (for a shorter free edge).  Notice also that the Nail Trainer fingernails have CUTICLES!

  • Can I practice different shapes and sizes of nails? 

  • YES! Every Nail Trainer nail extension kit includes 100 Nail Trainer nails that have been specially designed to maximize your ability to do all kinds of nails in a salon environment. You receive 20 each of 5 different shapes and sizes--from a wide nail to a nail biter's nail--giving you the maximum training potential. These nails are also designed with built-in cuticles so you can practice "true to life" application.



    20 flat thumb nails
    20 normal nails
    20 maintenance nails
    20 large nails
    20 nail biter's nails

  • Can I use MY OWN BRAND of nail products on the nails of the Nail Trainer?

    YES! You may use any brand of liquid/powder acrylic, gels, wraps, etc., but it is recommended that you use the acrylic primer and gel prep products included in the Nail Trainer kit to prevent damage to the Nail Trainer nails. Obviously, use only non-acetone to remove polish. And yes, it is safe to put the Nail Trainer hand into a UV gel lamp.

  • Can I practice maintenance, fills, and repairing nails on the Nail Trainer's nails?
    YES! Specially designed Nail Trainer "maintenance nails" are included to enable you to practice filing down the crown, shortening the free edge, repairing chips and cracks, then filling in the gap near the cuticle. 
  • Can I sculpt nail extensions directly on the Nail Trainer's nails?
  • YES! Use the Nail Trainer nails as if they were a client's fingernails and sculpt to your heart's content. Simply attach a reusable Teflon form to the finger and away you go!

  • Can I use an e-file (nail drill) on the Nail Trainer's nails?

    Yes! Because the Nail Trainer hand was designed to simulate a human hand, you can use your nail drill on its nails. 

  • Regarding removal of the nail overlay product, can I pop another nail into the hand and practice again right away?

    YES! This is one of the BIGGEST advantages to having a Nail Trainer. There's no messy removal or clean-up to worry with -- no time is wasted in your practice routine. This also helps to build your confidence level as well as improve your application speed and filing speed because you are able to practice more often.

  • Is there any way to track my progress and improvements from one set of nails to another, and over several weeks of practice?

    YES! Most of the nails in the Nail Trainer kit are suitable for practicing both free hand nail art as well as airbrushing. 

  • Can I use Nail Trainer to advertise my nail extensions and nail art designs?

    YES! Please do! It's the quickest way to attract attention to YOU because this unusual looking hand makes a great conversation piece at your workstation. Also, because of its adjustable arm, it can be positioned out of the way so it won't take up any space on your desk top. Pop the nails out and replace with new nail art designs often to invite add-on artwork services. 

  • I am enjoying my new Nail Trainer, it's incredible!  But I have trouble doing a set of nails at a speed which will be acceptable to a salon employer.  Can you PLEASE HELP ME!?

    Absolutely, but remember: Only when you have mastered nail application and filing techniques do we want you to focus on speed.  But if you're ready, here is our timeline suggestion. 

    Keep in mind:  You will DOUBLE the times shown below for a two-handed human.

    Nail Trainer Hand: 4 fingers, 1 thumb = 5 nails total

    Target time for completion:  
    40 minutes with polish
    30 minutes without polish





    Start stopwatch

    40 minutes

    Sanitation Spray & Prep Work

    2 minutes 
    per finger

    10 minutes

    30 minutes

    Tip Application and Shaping

    1 minute 
    per finger
    (sizing & application)

    5 minutes

    25 minutes

    Overlay Application

    2 minutes
    per finger

    10 minutes

    15 minutes

    File Down

    1 minute
    per finger

    5 minutes

    10 minutes

    Dust Removal/Wash
    and Polish

    30 seconds 
    per finger
    (2 coats/polish)

    10 minutes

     0 minutes

    These target times are doubled for salon speeds:
    30 minutes x 2 (10 human fingers) = 1 hour, typical salon service.


  • I have two questions about NAILS CERTIFICATION AND LICENSING:

    Question 1) I understand that the state/province I reside in requires certification, then licensing but can I purchase one of your nail training kits and get certification and licensing through my State Board Association?

    Question 2) The STATE BOARD ASSOCIATION in my state/province does not allow human models during examinations.  Can I use the Nail Trainer hand during practical test taking?

    The strict rules and regulations set forth by each State Board in the USA require ALL persons who provide nail services on the general public be certified, then licensed. Certification in the USA can only be provided by an accredited nail academy from your state. Licesnses are provided only after you have completed, then passed both written and practical examinations given by your State Board.  These exams are usually held the first Monday of every month.  Most nail academies make all the arrangements for their students to take the exams.

    With that said, there are THREE major benefits to purchasing a Nail Trainer hand kit:
    a) You have the opportunity to find out if you enjoy doing nail extensions (or not) BEFORE you invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars into classroom training at an accredited nail academy/school.
    b) If you do decide to pursue a career in nails, you will already have an excellent foundation of knowledge in nail extensions application, thus, you'll be at the TOP of your class (better than the other students in your class).
    c) Even after you've completed training and are confident doing nails, you can continue to use your Nail Trainer hand for trying out various brands of products and for producing nail art designs (both freehand and airbrushed nails), then market your nail art designs by displaying them at your workstation on your Nail Trainer.

    **Some State Boards allow (even encourage!) use of Nail Trainer hands in exams but check with your own state's restrictions/regulations by asking your school first! 


    List of USA,
    Puerto Rico, 
    and Canadian




    View all of the UNITED STATES and CANADA nail certification/license requirements and educational data here. 



    For many countries around the world where there is NO requirement of certification or licensing. 
    Please google "nail certification licensing requirements" or contact a nail school/academy or a leading nail products supplier in your area for guidance and advice.


  • I was wondering if you can tell me what size sable brush you recommend to do acrylic nails with?

    Sure!  We recommend a size 12 Kolinsky Custom Oval brush.
    Over time, the storage habit of pressing / pulling it between kitchen towel repeatedly causes it to mold the bristles flatter.  That 'flatness' helps quicken application speed because it smooths the acrylic on the nail's surface. Smoother surface =  less filing! Size 10 is too small; size 14, too big.


  • I'm sure that getting a Nail Trainer hand is exactly what I need to learn nails, improve my skills, and/or give me the marketing edge I'm looking for.  How do I order right now?

    Click here to start your order online.  We accept:  VisaMastercard, or Paypal