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 On December 22, 2015, this store was purchased by:
essential nails, UK
This site will resume soon,
but until then you can easily order
 Nail Trainer hand products
from this link. 

"This tool has made ALL the difference in my abilities.
NO other purchase, ever, has delivered such a bang for the buck."
Phil Ruthven, Ruthven's Rants

"Best investment I ever made!"
Jen Murphy, Jen's Nail Designs

"The Nail Trainer hand has been an invaluable tool in my career.  Thank you!"
Rebecca Parker

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you and my faithful 'h-andrea'.  Thank you!"
Alison Lee

"It helps me keep my skills up to date.  Thank you for such an amazing tool."
Jenny Davies

LARGE Nail Trainer web images & graphics are available HERE, free of charge.

Please add any image(s) you like to your website, your Facebook page or other media forums.  
Tell all your friends, colleagues, and workmates.

 People will NOT know unless YOU TELL THEM!